The staff and instructors are champion Enduro, Motocross and Rallymoto racers as well as experienced adventure riders.

They have also been organizing AMA National and Local Adventure and Dual Sport rides in the Pinelands since 2005.

Jack O’Connor:  PBAC Director


  • 2010 Black River Stages 1st Place Medium Stock
  • 2009 Sand Blast Rally 3rd Place Medium Stock
  • 2007 Sand Blast Rally 1st Place Production 2
  • Created The Pine Barrens 300 & 500 events
  • Organized 2007 XPLOR Pine Barrens and 2008 XPLOR Blue Ridge events for BMW North America

I bought my first adventure bike in 1985, a Kawasaki KLR 600, after a trip to Europe, where I saw all sorts of “big dirt bikes” loaded with camping gear and seeing magazines with Dakar stories.

Hobbies: Scuba Diving, photography, cooking
Occupation: Computer Tech
Special Events: Finished the 2008 Paris to Dacre 500 mile one day adventure ride in Ontario Canada. and Round Algonquin Park 800 mile four day ride in 2006 & 2007

Michael Bradway: PBAC Instructor



  • 2007 East Coast Enduro Champion
  • 2000 to 2007 East Coast Enduro Assoc Top AA rider
  • AMA Florida Winter AM 10th Ov. Expert Motocross
  • National #38 Expert Jet Ski IJSBA
  • Lorretta Lynns Amateur MX Nationals #26
  • National #6 Amateur Freestyle Jet Ski Competition

HOBBIES: Mountain biking, paintball, kayak, sport shooting, photography, entomology, survival, tracking, wildlife conservation and education.

Michael is a member of the NJ DEP Widlife Conservation Corps, The Nature Conservancy Citizen Scientist Program and a Rutgers Environmental Steward graduate. He has worked on numerous environmental research projects with private and government environmental agencies and has recorded numerous Threatened and Endangered Species in previously unrecorded ranges.  An award winning photographer and NRA Firearms instructor as well as a Glock Armorer and Glock competition shooter.

Michael has also been a long time student of the Tom Brown Jr. Tracking and Survival School and member of Tracker SFI as well as a supporter and student of COTEF, The Children of The Earth Foundation.

OCCUPATION: Transportation Company Manager
Special Events: Rode LA to Barstow to Vegas in 2009 for BMW North America

Mani Trump: Assistant Instructor


Mani moved to New York City and needed a way to balance out his life. ADV/off-road motorcycling was right up his alley. He took our Dirt 101 Course and after 40.000 of off-road miles in just about 2 years Mani is PBAC Assistant Instructor.

HOBBIES: Whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, paintball, backpacking, camping, photography/video.

OCCUPATION: Visual Effects for feature films and TV shows.

PLANS: Year long trip from Brooklyn, NY to Ushuaia, Argentina and back in the near future.

Peter Ryan: Assistant Instructor


Peter joined our crew in 2015 after taking the class, he’s a great guy and excellent rider

Dr. Barry Ellman: Team Physician

50 years of motorcycle riding experience
Level IV completed at Keith Code’s American Superbike School.

Doing dual sport GPS guided events for  years .
1st PB 500 in 2006.