Student Comments

Here’s what some our former students have said about us.


Dear Jack and Mike,

I want to express my gratitude by telling you guys what an excellent experience I have. The whole event was great! The camp, class, place and food! Also meeting all the experience riders from Chris’s group was great too. Since they shared their knowledge and friendship. The fire under the stars with funny stories was awesome. Thank you again all for your professionalism and warm friendship. I will see you again hopefully in future events as I get more experience.

Regards. Mariano

Thanks again for a really great weekend.  I learned new skills and improved on existing ones, but the best part was making new friends.

John F.

Thanks for the awesome weekend. Rayna and I really enjoyed it!

Aaron M.

John and I had a great time taking your class.  It was fun and filled with information.  I truly appreciated the flexible delivery that Mike used.  He was able to wrap his instruction around each rider’s individual needs.  John and I each came away from the class with some very useful skills to improve our off road riding.

Cindy F.

Want to thank all of you, Jack, Mike, Mani, and Scott, as well as all of my classmate, not only for a great educational experience but a fun  weekend with folks that enjoy adventure riding as much as I do.

What we learned should make all of us not only better off road riders but equally as important, safer off road riders. Can’t ask for much more than that.

John K.

Hey Jack – first – I had a blast last weekend and learned a lot.  I grew up riding in the backyard and local sand pit but never had any formal instruction.  The techniques you taught were terrific and I feel much more comfortable riding and I can now pick up my bike without fear of throwing my back out!  Much thanks!

Bob D.


Hey Jack and Mike,

Thanks a lot for a fun weekend of riding and learning.

It was good to put some off road time on the Honda, meet some people, and learn from the pros. The Pine Barrens is a beautiful place to ride, and I’m glad I got to see some of it. Please let me know if you plan to do a “graduate” ride, and I’ll plan to ride the PB300 when you reschedule in the fall. In the meantime, “elbows up, head up!”


I had a great time and learned more than I’d hoped to. The program and the instructors are great. I’m sure I’ll see you all again, hopefully at the PB300!

Chris W


The 2nd day involved a ride through the Pine Barrens with plenty of time to stop, chat and enjoy the beauty of the area.  Mike Bradway led a nice discussion about the biological diversity of the Pine Barrens, conservation and minimizing the impact of motorized travel through the delicate ecosystem.  Quite unexpected and brought back fond memories of the talks I used to give as a kayak instructor in the area.  Good stuff.  Just goes to show that everyone on 2 wheels is not out there to tear up the woods and leave a trail of trash in their wake…

Ted D.