Real Adventure is Closer Than You Think!

Less than two hours from Manhattan!

Pine-Barrens-Adventure-Camp-Off-Road-Motorcycle-Riding-School-New-Jersey-0024New Jersey’s Pinelands National Reserve, located in the Southern half of the state, is a unique and fascinating natural resource covering over a Million acres. It is the largest body of open space on the Mid-Atlantic seaboard between Richmond and Boston and less than two hours from Manhattan. It’s also a great place for an off-road adventure ride. There’s over 1000 miles of legal dirt roads and dozens of forgotten towns just waiting to be explored. You would be amazed at the vast wilderness of the State Forests and Wildlife management areas and the fact that you can have an incredible journey this close to home. Visit the Pygmy Pine Forests, Cranberry Bogs, magnificent Atlantic White Cedar Swamps, winding scenic rivers and what Witmer Stone once described early in the 20th Century as ‚Äúdesolate stretches of white sand barrens.”


10382653_681531475228657_464342892338636531_nThe Pine Barrens Adventure Camp Riding School will help prepare you to safely navigate your way through this amazing but sometimes challenging landscape, and help improve your off-road riding abilities. Both beginners and experienced riders will gain confidence by improving their basic skills. The staff and instructors are champion Enduro, Motocross and Rallymoto racers as well as experienced adventure riders. They have also been organizing AMA National and Local Adventure and Dual Sport rides in the Pinelands since 2005.