2021 Pine Barrens 500


·     The Pine Barrens 400 “Hard Adventure Ride”

We are proud to announce the 15th Anniversary 2021 Pine Barrens 500 will take place October 15, 16 and 17th and will be in a new format, a three day GPS guided “Hard Adventure Ride”.  The Pine Barrens 500 Hard Adventure is a Three Day, GPS guided tour of the Pinelands National Reserve for adventure style motorcycles. The course will consist of sand and gravel dirt roads in the state forests, connecting the best sections for larger machines from recent enduro events.

It is not a Race!

The idea behind this year’s event is to challenge the riders with the best sections from recent ECEA enduros, and present a course that will allow the adventure riders access to areas and terrain that are usually off limits, under controlled conditions to make a safe, fun, but challenging course. There will also be bypasses and bailout points if a rider wishes to avoid or shorten the sections. 
Due to DEP regulations, these sections consist mostly of “Firecuts” narrow single track trenches that weave thru the forest, and are used as fire breaks. They are as close to single track trail as we can get, and also make great paths for motorcycles. However the nature of these “Firecuts” makes them difficult for the larger adventure machines, like the GS 1200 to safely navigate them. In some setions the trees are sometimes close together, also known as “Tight Sections”. Other sections will have deep sand and “Whoops”.
Another issue with the fire cuts is that it is the machines must travel “single file” in the “trenches” which may cause some riders to be held up by larger machines or “pushed” by smaller ones while in a section and also passing is difficult. This takes away from the experience and can be frustrating or intimidating to some riders. So, this years PB500 will have a “starting order” with the smaller machines starting first and the largest machines starting last. By grouping machines with similar characteristics and abilities, it should make the ride safer and more enjoyable for the riders. This new formats details will need to be worked out, and more info will follow.
And we will ask all riders to be considerate and mindful of who is in front of and behind them at all times, especially in the enduro sections. We may have “Start Controls” at some sections to stagger access into the section. And you can start in the back if you wish.
The machines allowed to enter the event must be street legal from the manufacturer, and have DOT Knobby Tires, USFS approved exhaust and a sound level below 95 DB. Riders must be over 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license and liability insurance. No Two strokes or trail bikes will be allowed to enter. No Helmet Cams or Go Pros will be allowed. And we ask for limited social media postings. Pre Entry only.
The PB500 will be limited to 200 riders.
The entry will only be for the full event, no one or two day entry’s.
The ride will only include lunch all three days
The cost to enter is $250
Thanks to the East Coast Enduro Assoc, Ocean County Competition Riders, (OCCR) for Scrub Pine Enduro sections, Meteor Motorcycle Club (MMC) for Sandy Lane Enduro Sections, and Motorcycle Competition Inc. (MCI) for Stump Jumper Enduro Sections, the Pine Barrens Adventurer Rider Crew, Mike Lafferty and the Solid Performance KTM Crew.
Pine Barrens Adventurers LLC is a grassroots organization advocating for your right to ride a legal motorcycle in national and state forests. We are considered “Stake Holders” for NJ DEP meetings and are the only group representing the Adventure Riding Community in NJ. We are members and former officers in local enduro clubs and have the respect of their leadership.
Your entry into the PB500 is also a donation to the causes we represent. And if for some reason the event does not take place, or you cannot attend, thousands of dollars in permit fees and countless hours of time will have been spent planning it. The permit fees are nonrefundable. For this reason the cancellation fee is a minimum of $100, and more if last minute. If the PB400 is cancelled due to reasons beyond our control, the event will be rescheduled in the late fall 2020, and you will be automatically be reentered in the Event.
Please understand that our access to the natural resources are fragile, and that your behavior plays a big part in keeping that right, and the forest open to motorized vehicles. We teach and encourage responsible use of these resources, and urge you follow the rules of this event and the forests, and to ride responsibly.