2021 PA Wilds Adventure Tour

This will be a four‐day GPS guided tour of the PA Wilds area for adventure style motorcycles, using eight state forests and parks. The route will be mostly dirt and gravel roads and some drivable  trails in the forests, and they will be connected by back country roads and some highways. You should be able to travel 100 miles between gas stops. And be able to fix a flat tire if necessary. Knobby Tires and off‐road riding boots are highly recommended. The routes are big bike and beginner friendly, and there will also be a few optional challenge sections.

The event will use a “Roaming Rally” format. This means that the route will start and end each day at a different location. We will setup a new HQ at each location, you must “Check In” at the end of your ride each day, and if you are not staying at the HQ location, you must return each morning to the Start, and “Check Out” each morning at the HQ / Start. This is so we can keep track of the riders each day. There will be a mandatory riders meeting at 9 AM, so you have the latest info on the route and weather, after the meeting, you can start the days route.

This year we will not support a camping option, last year we only had a handful of campers and the logistics for an event like this are hard enough without the additional support needed.

You are welcome to enter and camp, but you will still need to show up at the start each day.

We will have the GPS track available by email and direct downloading at the HQ each day. We also recommend using a “SPOT Tracker” or some other device so that we can locate you if necessary. Even Google location sharing at a minimum. We will have support vehicles and sweep riders on the routes equipped with tools and Satellite communication devices in case of emergency. An emergency response plan will be filed with the DCNR and local EMS stations. Riders should arrive Wednesday afternoon May 19th. There will be an optional rider meeting that evening at 7 PM and a mandatory meeting the next morning, at 9 AM, riders are encouraged to attend both. A GPS Session will be held at 8 PM. You can leave you vehicle at the start. It will be secure. We will also be loading GPS’s at the HQ after 4 PM Wednesday. The entry only includes the ride and the logistics and support that go with it, GPS tracks and the training sessions. Lodging and meals are not included. Included in this update are a list of the Hotels we will use as PAWA HQ each night and other hotels and motels nearby. As we get closer, we will provide suggestions for meals.

All riders must have a 27 Gallon tote available from Home Depot for under $10. In this box you may put any extra gear, spares, tools or personal items you may need for the ride. A PBAR Truck will follow the route and be available at the start and finish each day, The “Tote Truck” will be at the designated hotels only, We are not supporting camping this year We will supply “Totes” for riders, who ride in, at a cost of $10, please note this on your entry.

The event starts 9 AM Thursday May 20 with a riders meeting. After the meeting you can start the route.
Day One, will be an appx 175‐mile loop. New Columbia to State College

Day Two will be appx 175 miles. State College to St Mary’s.

Day Three will be appx 175 miles St Mary’s to Wellsboro

Day Four will be appx 175 miles. Wellsboro to New Columbia.

The mileage estimates are subject to change.

The event is limited to 100 riders.

The entry link is here:


The cost will be $80 dollars per day, or $320 for all four days.

Also we use Garmin Inreach SE and SPOT Trackers and Sat Phones for off‐grid communication. We like the Garmin Montana 600 series GPS’s with the 24K Topo maps. There will be a GPS class Wednesday after the riders meeting. We also use Google Maps Location Sharing. The PA Wilds area forests have no to very poor cell service. We recommend you purchase a device so we can stay in touch. However, you are not required to do so and the support and sweep riders will have them.

That’s all for now.
Jack O’Connor
Founder Pine Barrens Adventures LLC
732 995 4343