Dirt 101 – Beginner/Intermediate Off Pavement Riding School

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Dirt 101 is a two day, beginner to intermediate course on how to prepare for, and ride an adventure style or dual sport motorcycle off road. The program is designed for a person with some motorcycle riding experience, whether it be street riding or dirt bike riding when they were young, who wants to see “what’s out there” after the pavement ends. For many of our students, this course is their first time off road. Others have some experience in the dirt, but want to enhance their skills for future adventures. Riders must have their own motorcycle.  


During the course experienced PBAC instructors will introduce you to the off-road riding techniques, explain the most common mistakes riders make, help you understand and execute drills in a proper way and will make sure your learning process is safe and enjoyable.

During the course you will learn to effectively apply your knowledge in the following areas:

– Control and lever adjustments for off-highway riding.
– Proper body position for different conditions.
– Maintaining balance on an adventure motorcycle
– Weight-shifting techniques
– Throttle control techniques
– Clutch control techniques
– Front and rear brake application in various riding situations
– Slow speed maneuvering
– Tight turning techniques and counterbalancing
– Riding on various surfaces: dirt, gravel, sand


All of these skills will not only prepare you for practically any unexpected terrain but will also dramatically improve your street riding! Pine Barrens Adventure Camp Dirt 101 Course will cater to all ability levels to make sure everyone is entertained. Riders on any street legal dual-sport motorcycle are welcome to take part!


After the class our instructors, long time competition riders and passionate adventurers, will share their experience on protection gear for long-distance adventure touring, advise on the ultimate protection accessories for your motorcycles and present you a couple of adventure motorcycle packing ideas and solutions. After the course we all will have a scenic ride to practice everything we learned and make sure the drills dramatically improved our riding skills.


If you ever thought of learning the right skills to build your confidence on an adventure motorcycle, if you are dreaming of exploring the world on two wheels and need certain skills and expert advice or just want to meet like-minded riders and have lots of fun on your motorcycle off the paved roads in a safe environment Pine Barrens Adventure Camp Riding School is your best choice!


Dirt 101 is a 2-day course:

Day 1

Pine Barrens Adventure Camp Dirt 101 Day One is divided into three training sessions:

Machine Ergonomics
Basic Field Drills
Motorcycle handling techniques and body english

Each session covers a basic fundamental of riding on dirt, sand and gravel roads. The sessions build on each other and instill confidence. Allowing you to safely control your motorcycle in the challenging conditions found off road.

1. Machine Ergonomics

Machine Ergonomics start with adjusting the controls, the brake and clutch levers, shifter position, rear brake height, and handle bars. Then the mirrors, turn signals, shields, after market lights and accessories. We have tools, but please bring a tool kit with the appropriate tools for your bike. You never know when you’ll need them.
Another important subject for off road riding are the Tires. We go over recommended tire types and pressures. Then help you adjust your tires to the correct pressure.
Once the bikes are ready we discuss body position, machine balance, and general off road riding techniques.


2. Basic Field Drills

Basic Field Drills teach you how to control your machine on dirt. We begin with the proper use of the clutch and throttle with proper hand and finger placement. Then we move onto slow riding and smooth usage of your controls. We cover front and rear brake control in normal and panic situations. Turning techniques, line selection and learning to steer with your foot peg drills get you ready for the sand and loose soil.


3. Sand training

We start the Sand training with a review of basic balance, body position and techniques to get you through deep sand in a safe basic step by step process until you build the confidence to move through it with more momentum at your own pace. Throttle control and line selection are also blended into the lesson at the appropriate place. You will later apply these skills on a ride through the forest in real world situations.


Our instructors take the class to what we call a “Sand Trap”, a short section of deep sand that’s found throughout the Pinelands. Under controlled conditions, we teach you how to navigate these challenging sections. We cover line selection, balance, throttle control and learning to recognize terrain changes as they come up on your adventure and how to adjust for these changes.


4. Mixed Terrain Adventure Ride

Field drills continue with a sample adventure riding loop or section.  We highlight challenging sections and discuss line selection, proper throttle and gear selection, as well as body position. Real time feed back from the instructors helps improve your off road skills.


Day 2

Day 2 does a review of the basics again, with a warm up on turning, then we move into handling loose soil and ruts. Then we do a turnaround on a hill with a simulated stall.  Some venues replace the hill stall with other important skills depending on the terrain available. Then with all the new found adventure skills, we show some simple to advanced tips on how to turn around on a dead end or blocked trail.


After that it is a nice adventure ride in the afternoon with lessons along the way with whatever conditions we find.  Early bailouts are available or we continue on with scenic rides through the beautiful Pinelands wilderness.


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