2016 Pine Barrens 500 GPS Navigation Info.

The Pine Barrens 500 is a navigation challenge event.

The information below uses several naming conventions you should be aware of. Each days COURSE INFO is defined by a couple of different types of data; A WAYPOINT is a point on a MAP. They are SUPPORT STOPS, ROUTE INFO, GAS STOPS, or part of a ROUTE. A VIAPOINT is a point on a TRACK. TRACKS are named, DAY ONE, TWO or THREE. A TRACK is like a trail of footprints or VIAPOINTS. A ROUTE is a group of connected numerical WAYPOINTS. ROUTES are named, DAY ONE, TWO or THREE. ROUTES and TRACKS will have a section number following it. DAY TWO‐2 for example. Means DAY TWO SECTION #2. ACTIVATE means to set the GPS to follow a ROUTE or TRACK.

The MAP your GPS displays is very important, TOPO or topographical maps are a must for navigating off highway, and the higher the resolution the more detail the maps display. We recommend the 24 K TOPO’s.

You have to follow the ROUTE’s or TRACK’s on your GPS to complete the COURSE. There are many different brands and models of GPS devices, and some have more memory or the ability hold larger files. Others are limited in how many WAYPOINTS can be in a ROUTE, or how many VIAPOINTS can be in a TRACK, for example. Because of this, we create a couple different versions of the COURSE.

We only support GARMIN devices and supply the files in GDB and GPX file formats only. We will supply GPS files for each day in GDB and GPX format in three different versions. DAY# TRACK.GDB or .GPX Only TRACKs and INFO WAYPOINTS. DAY# ROUTE.GDB or .GPX Only ROUTES, with ROUTE and INFO WAYPOINTS. DAY # RT&TR.GDB or .GPX All ROUTES, TRACKS and WAYPOINTS.

Each file will contain a collection of ROUTES TRACKS and WAYPOINTS.

Start each day BY ACTIVACTING ROUTE #1, when you get to the end of it, ACTIVATE #2, and so on till the end. There are also BIG BIKE ROUTES. These are noted with a BB, For example, DAY TWO‐2 BB. If you are riding the BB routes, ACTIVATE the Route # with the BB. These routes skip difficult sections and end up merging with the MAIN ROUTE.

If you are using a different brand of GPS, or an Android device or Smart phone, you have to figure out how to use it for this event. There have been many discussions on ADVRIDER in the PB300/500 threads over the years and on other forums. Please search these threads for more info. We will have GPS classes Thursday and Friday at 8 PM in the PB500 HQ, the conference room at the HOTEL.

Remember to DELETE the previous days data before LOADING the new day.

The GPS file for DAY ONE will be emailed out a few days before the event. DAY TWO’s file’s be emailed out late FRIDAY, please do not ask for it before. DAY THREE’s file’s will be emailed out late Saturday, please do not ask for it before. We will also be loading them both days at PB500 HQ after 7 AM.